The Italian Job 1969

Comic caper film in a plan to steal a shipment of gold of a traffic jam in the streets of Turin. It will then be revealed and left to die in Italy, Charlie Croker and his team plan a robbery, but against their former allies developed. A British agent is sent to Berlin to get a Communist defector, but reality proves to be quite complicated. A young woman decides to end his career and take their exams. He met a teacher of his gaze value learned while you are able to beat the tests. The change. See the complete overview. Two robbers, a magician, a hacker, an aspiring actor and an expert in explosives, to schedule a flight around the dream of Victor Braganza. Crowned with success or fate is something else for them? Charlie has a job to do. After leaving prison, he meets that one of her friends searched for a job in Italy under the nose of the mafia. A friend of Charlie's work, Charlie came that way. With the help of the three, Turin to interrupt the wait a few Jaguars, mini Coopers and a bus, to steal gold and escape to bring. While most of the shots from inside the car show opening sequence of a cloudy day with no shade, but show most external views of a sunny day. ««See more» this thing on the move and not let go until the end that makes it so were still in the drive. " We were surprised that you want to do it to them to lead, especially since so many scenes of video games today (and time). This is one of those movies that you go over time, the italian job 1969 until then to see and you can develop the film in front of you, not. If you are looking for good entertainment, this is it. If you are looking for sense and some sort of meaning, look elsewhere. Fast fun! 8/10, etc.